Sign Insight Software in action.

Business signs | How to improve the visual impact of your sign.

There is probably one thing you are always thinking about – How do I grow my business faster?  We work with a lot of different types of organizations, and we have noticed what successful companies do well.  The answer is obvious. They get noticed and then stay top of mind.  With the internet and mobile, social media, attention spans are shorter than ever.   Keeping up can be fatiguing!  Not running out of gas requires a strategic effort in all your marketing channels, online and offline.  We can help with that.
Knowing the “facts” first eliminates friction later. That’s a super competitive advantage that will give you and your team confidence before you hit print or even spend a dime trying to get your business noticed.

Our mission is helping you get noticed.  To help with that, we like to incorporate Visual Design Software created by 3M.  This powerful software can be accessed for free when you work with our team.

3M℠ Visual Attention Software (VAS)

At Bridgeway Printing and Graphics we reverse engineer visual design strategies. Then we share the most effective tactics and case studies with you so you can optimize your signage with our services and software for the best results.

Knowing facts first… eliminates friction later.  That’s a super competitive advantage for your business.  It will give you and your team confidence that your getting noticed before you hit print or even spend a dime!


Step #1 Watch and learn about how the Visual Attention Design process works.

Step #2.  If your interested, we will take you behind the scenes and show you how VAS works. We will analyze almost any visual—print ads, web banners, store shelf planograms, billboards, product and more.  Watch how easy you can add this service to your existing design workflow.   See visual design elements quantified with numbers, not opinions.  Every time we do a case study, we will drop the full before and after VAS  report in your email box.

Step #3.   Take it for a spin.
Our Visual Attention Design consulting services does not replace your team’s workflow.  It’s a feedback tool that makes your results better.  If you are interested or have any questions, I would be happy to schedule a call and let your design team try it for free.

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