Contour Cut Sticker

“Do Good Work”

Every cool brand has a sticker campaign. We believe stickers are a powerful branding piece that every company should weave into their marketing strategy.  We believe in putting this belief into action.  We like helping take the friction out of the work of the people we serve with a positive do good work attitude every day.  Since our customers are like-minded, they either own, run or work for great brands that place high demands on them.  They are on the road to success in our book.  We want to inspire success on their career journey. We all know this journey of building something great includes times of self-doubt, anxiety, fear, worry, confusion.. lots of negative human emotions that can impede a person happiness and impede reaching your goal.  We believe that while you can’t control everything you can limit a lot of these personal challenges by doing your best possible work at all time. This is the ethos of Bridgeway Printing and Graphics.  The peace sign sticker symbolizes – do your best, Do Good Workevery day, and then play worry-free.   People have liked it so much we put this thought into our logo!

So Yes. Do Good Work!