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Seconds count. Predict them with Visual Attention Software Technology
We use technology developed by 3M its called Visual Attention Software (VAS)

3-5 seconds. That’s about all the time you get for your design to be noticed or lost in the shuffle. We can help you predict what people are likely to see in those critical seconds? This kind of knowledge means we can help connect you with your customers.

We can help you stand out and get noticed better on Windows, Doors custom signs and vehicles.
We are an exclusive supplier of 3M vinyl for window, door or vehicle lettering.   We love the quality and the science behind the product. Bridgeway Printing has teamed up with 3M to offer VAS analyses for your designs.  Using algorithms developed by 3M scientists, that simulate what people see during the first 3-5 seconds of viewing and can analyze almost any visual—print ads, web banners, store shelf planograms, billboards and more.VAS helps you increase client confidence, simplify approvals, and gain consensus on visual priorities.

We use VAS for instant analysis. And powerful knowledge.  This kind of knowledge gets you noticed and becomes your Bridgeway to a competitive advantage!

The science behind VAS. 5 key elements

VAS is the culmination of decades of vision science research. 3M first began working in vision science to improve reflective materials in work zones. The same research was applied to understanding what a consumer will notice in signage, retail displays, and advertising, and VAS was born.
VAS uses a predictive algorithm, based on actual eye-tracking studies, to test for pre-attentive vision. This is the first 3-5 seconds of viewing— before we’re aware of what we’re looking at—and not affected by gender, age or culture. Post-attentive vision happens next when your brain interprets what it’s seeing. VAS helps ensure that your design is noticed in post-attentive vision as well. If it isn’t noticed in the first place, how can it be processed?

Contact us and we will run your project files through VAS.  We will share valuable analytical insights on your design. And we can offer ways to improve it.

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