We are grateful to serve you, and we are deeply committed to your success. Because if your successful, we can be too. Now that normally sounds cliche or maybe you may think its a bunch of hyperbole. Heard that before right?? We see it different because we are different. Our take on it…taking action makes it PR not hyperbole. That’s right, taking action and going the extra mile is a way we can show you we are really committed to helping you grow your brand and your business. Here is how we live up to that commitment.

After we complete your job we take a minute to say thank you by creating PR for you. Yep, we spread the word about your brand, company or cause.

Free Facebook PR

Bridgeway Printing Facebook

Step 1: Facebook is our tool of choice as a way to spread the word.
Step 2: We typically show a picture of the project we accomplished for you.
Step 3: We write something thoughtful, sincere about your company and people.
Set 4: We Boost It: We use a small percentage of the money you spent on your project with us and use it to remarket your company.

Check out this example we boosted for
Windermere Real Estate Columbia River Gorge

  1. First thing we do is write something sincere about our experience working with your team and using your product or service.

2. We like to show your new signage in the photo.

3. Here is the reach and engagement the post received.

Insights from Facebook for the Windermere Post.

This marketing tactic works really well for you because it builds trust with both prospective and existing customers. Here are some benfits you will enjoy from this little activity.

  1. It’s free PR for you – The efforts you’re putting into marketing your business is recognized.
  2. Social Proof – It gains your organization social proof that you are the good guys!
  3. Review Power -Our testimonial is third-party and unsolicited. (The most powerful kind)
  4. Data-Driven Marketing – Here is what the data tells us. These posts have really quality engagement. The engagement is coming from your friends, family, employee’s vendors and loyal customers. These are your advocates! PR like this puts your business top of mind. BTW we are huge believers in making data-driven decision marketing. Online and offline. Learn more on our Insights and Analytics page.

This is the kind of stuff you want to see. Why? It helps drives your Referral Business. Yes, it turns into word of mouth marketing. Nothing is more powerful than someone recommending your products or services.

Heres the thing, we do because it makes us feel good. It’s that little extra effort of going the extra mile to help you grow that closes the door on “We Do Good Work, You Get Noticed”. Slogan.

When you get a thank you note from us. Tune in to our facebook page (Instagram too). You can see the reach and engagement yourself.

Once again Thank You for letting us serve you.

Ian Connors & Chris Peters,