How custom stickers support your online marketing campaigns | 2019

Today’s marketers are challenged with ways to be relevant in every channel they market in.  Content creation to support your website, blog, facebook, youtube, CPC, SEO…and more, can be exhausting. This is just the digital side of your campaign. What are you doing in your other “In Real Life” channels to make it all work together? One solution is custom stickers.  They are a great way to bridge the gap between online and offline worlds. Stickers are powerful. Facebook recognized this tactic and ripped off the power of a sticker by turning impressions into “likes” Stickers are the original ”  “likes”

In this case, we’re talking about using stickers to support your online marketing. Let’s say you have created all the content you need to support all the channels that you can leverage.  You think the marketing “rule of seven” is in place.  Maybe? The key concept here is content. Stickers work best when you combine them with a content marketing style. Not a transactional marketing style. If you’re just selling. Stickers may not be for you. Stickers work best when your marketing efforts are a continual investment to support your brand. The online side of you’re campaign will be easy measuring stuff like  ROI, attribution modeling, events or conversion rates.  What it’s not very good at is measuring customer advocacy. When you see your sticker placed on a 60K car.  You know that person says yes to your message, belief, and your brand.  Yes enough to pass that message along. For Free!!  You’re why is a part of their way of life. It is a very well know fact that expensive premium brands are the long-term survivors business. All these great brands have great stickers!  From the beginning, they constantly invested in stickers.     Look at Patagonia, (100’s of designs) Apple or Starbucks, and every skate or sports brand out there. They use stickers because they say I am a cool brand.  People want to let other people know they are cool because they use your products or services.   People want you to know what defines them, what their values are and what they think is cool. Most likely your product is not used by anyone 24/7, it can’t go to work, it can’t go to school. A sticker can and does. And that’s all it takes to get immediate results a channel your marketing well in. Plus they don”t fatigue like…Well, online “likes”.   A sticker delivers impressions for years not hours or days.    Stickers are 24 hr advocacy signs that offer a powerful “stamp of approval” endorsement for the brand. Stickers make the marketing process Human to Human. And that is awesome.

We believe there is no brand in the world that can not benefit from a sticker. The trick is to know why you’re in business in the first place.  Design a sticker around that belief.  And then build a few stickers around the concept. Test a few out in IRL, make some tweaks, and then go for it. Heres the deal, if you’re not willing to have the confidence to put a sticker out there, how can you expect your customers to believe in your story.

Make advocacy easy for your brand.
Don’t make it hard for your customer to like you or to let them tell other people they like you! Take the friction out of this process by just giving them a cool sticker. As a marketer, you will increase your reach,  up your impressions,  prove you have advocacy for your brand, Stickers are so cost effective.  They are the most significant customer retention tool around! If your customer is sporting your sticker, where do you think they are going to look when they need a new product or service. You are first in line! This is great marketing!      Stickers they don”t fatigue like…Well, online marketing content does.   A sticker delivers impressions for years not hours or days.    Stickers are 24 hr signs, which offer a powerful “stamp of approval” endorsement for your brand, or company. Stickers make the marketing process Human. And that is awesome.

If you don’t have a sticker campaign running, what would your sticker be?  If you do, are you getting out enough there?