How much does a car wrap cost?

A car wrap price depends on a few variables. Generally speaking, pricing on average graphic advertisement wrap is about $2500. This is the kind you would use to advertise your business.

Basic full graphics wrap for business advertising is between $850 – $2500 pricing can depend on if it is a full wrap, three quarter, half or quarter wrap.  Vinyl lettering can be less.

Basic Color Change – The average color change wrap using 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 is closer to $3500.

There is a more to wrapping a vehicle than most people think,  It’s a blend of art and science that can work magic for advertising.    Wrapping a vehicle requires these ingredients.

1. Square footage of the vehicle.
We have sorted several popular sizes of cars, trucks, SUV’s, fleet vehicles box trucks and food trucks. Please reference our vehicle cost calculator for more info. You can wrap 100% of the vehicle. You can also wrap 75% – 50% – 25% or even 10%.

2. The complexity of the wrap.
Every vehicle is different and so are most wraps. A full wrap on a
small size car may cost more than a larger fleet cargo van. The reason is the cargo van may not be wrapped on the bumpers or rooftop. It may not make sense to wrap an area which is not visible. A cargo van has fewer windows than the compact sedan which means fewer cuts and the type of wrap would also make a difference.
Vehicle wraps for business advertising are generally less expensive because the detail required to accomplish the goal of getting noticed can be accomplished easier than getting a car perfect for the show.

3. Vinyl type. (We only use 3M Vinyl for wrapping vehicles.  The reason is, nothing else compares in value and performance. )
Graphic Prints for Business advertising will run on average about 10 per square ft. professionally installed.
Color Change graphic films like 3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080 will run about $20 per sq ft. professionally installed.  Create your own 3M custom car wrap here.

Crome will run about $30 per sq ft. professionally installed. (It is that expensive, and extremely hard to install.

4. Labor – The price of labor is included in the total square footage of the wrapping fee. What most people forget is that the car needs to be cleaned, prepped for the wrap installation. During the wrap process, there will be door handles, mirrors, ornaments, etc that need to be removed and reinstalled by our expert installers. You are never charged extra for labor. Please take this as a reminder that there is more to it than peeling and sticking on a piece of vinyl.

Cost of a wrap vs. Cost of other types of advertising.

Marketing studies estimate that a vehicle wrap can generate 30,000-60,000 impressions a month. Since most vehicle wraps last between three to five years, cost per impression will be so low, it will be your new benchmark when you negotiate other forms of advertising.  Let’s run the math on that and then compare it to Google.

$2500 Upfront cost.

Amortized over 5 years = 500 a year or $1.36 a day (A grande coffee at Starbucks is $2.10)

Impressions lets go with the low amount of 30k a month.

12 X 30K =360000  impressions a year

360000 / 500 = .00139

Beat that Google.

~Henry Ford
Try checking our price estimator to get a better idea of what you want to accomplish.  It will get you in the ballpark.  For a full, accurate quote, please contact us when you are ready.

Please call us if you need anything else.  509-219-0708

Learn More By reading our full Vehicle Advertising and Cost Guide.