We have a sustainability culture that speaks with yours. Production includes eco-solvent and water-based ink technologies along with a wide range of eco-friendly media options.

We are realistic in the notion that it is impossible to do what we do without impacting the environment in a negative way. Although we cannot eliminate the environmental impacts of the products we produce. We can forge ahead with a genuine commitment to minimizing them as much as possible. Here are some improvements we are making year after year.

OUR PROCESS IS EFFICIENT. Digital data enables efficient creation, communication, and storage. There is virtually no waste. Could we install a wind turbine on our building to pay for the electricity? Yes..Ok, we don’t have one but we’re working on that.

OUR REALITY IS 80/20 DIGITAL TO SCREEN PRINTING. Screen printing is awesome. The inks are rich, deep in color and high quality. Unfortunately so are the solvents. On the flip side, digital printers allow quick, on-demand printing, and eliminate the pre-press stages of traditional printing that create waste. We use Eco-solvent or water-based inks.

OUR VENDORS. We are committed to working with suppliers that share our beliefs or values. This includes buying media that is recycled, and eco-friendly and recyclable.

OUR BELIEF AND COMMITMENT. We will always invest in eliminating waste in all forms. We believe technology will make us better decision-makers and we believe it is the path to success for all parties concerned. We are committed to making an investment in state of the art technologies that help that will help us attain a friendly future.

Lastly, we encourage you to reduce, reuse, pre-cycle. and recycle and if you want more information check out our favorite blog from Portland.