Seconds count.

Predict them with our Visual Attention Software

3-5 seconds. That’s about all the time you get for your design to be noticed or lost in the shuffle. What if you could predict what people are likely to see in those critical seconds? And use that knowledge to make your designs stand out?

VAS analyses your designs, using algorithms developed by 3M scientists, that simulate what people see during the first 3-5 seconds of viewing and can analyze almost any visual—print ads, web banners, store shelf planograms, billboards and more.VAS helps you increase confidence, simplify approvals, and gain consensus on visual priorities all before you spend a dime.

If your interested, we will take you behind the scenes and show you how VAS works.  We will show you how simple using this service is in your design workflow.    Every time we do a case study, we will drop the full VAS before and after a report in your email box or contact us and we will do a case study for your project.

We do all the work That's right...

Our customers enjoy this service for free.

Would you like to gain a competitive advantage over your competition?   You can reduce emotional and hypothetical thinking by quantifying the design with facts.  VAS will deliver five solid reports in one easy to read PDF.  Now you can get pre-production feedback that ensures your design is spot on.    Our Visual Attention Software consulting services does not replace your team’s workflow.  It’s a feedback tool that makes your results better.  We pay 3M, and then we give it to you for free because we’re committed to helping you stand out.  We will do all the heavy lifting,  all you have to do is send us the pictures you would like to get feedback on.  That’s it,  we take your photo, run it through the software and send you the reports.   You can see quickly if you want to adjust your design strategy or not.  Please watch the video below, and then give us a call to give it a try.   We promise it’s fast and frictionless.  Best of all… it’s super interesting.

Watch and learn. The 3M visual design process is explained.


Visual Attention Software improves result for a variety of applications


Analyze your website and sync up your offline user experience with your online and mobile.


Analyze your outside perspective.  Perfect for outdoor store fronts, large windows,  building signage, vehicle wraps, and large lettering.


Increase sales,  point of purchase displays,  window displays. down isle and distant in store views.


Use close up views to optimize packaging, labels or stickers 


Take the guess work out of your offline print ads.  Determine what matters first, second and third.  Establish your perfect visual and narrative hierarchy.  


See how your sign will get you noticed in cities, on large building or at large outdoor events. 

VisualDesign Consulting

Visual Attention Technology - Strategy - Design - Production

We work with a wide range of organizations. If you feel like your company is falling behind, or is stuck we think we can help.  We would love to talk with you.

We think new technologies can significantly improve how small businesses get their products, and services noticed. We have developed a new way to ensure your signage is engaging, compelling and useful. We believe it has to deliver you a competitive advantage in a world, where micro-moments count like never before.

How can we help you get noticed better?

Get free case studies that show VAS at work. (about one a month)