Benefits and best use for labels. 


  • Best value.  (The best blend of price, durability, vibrant quality printing.)
  • Best for smaller production runs.
  • ECO Solvent Inks
  • Waterproof
  • All sizes and shapes are available.
  • Enjoy Fast Personal Service
  • Free File Fix
  • Free Delivery
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our labels are manufactured to your custom design.  Made from waterproof 4 mil white vinyl, printed with vibrant ECO-solvent ink.  They are used for hundreds of applications.     Make any size or shape. Stick them to any smooth surface.

Styles, Sizes & Prices

Round Labels - Printed on waterproof white vinyl with vibrant eco-solvent inks. Cut to a circle shape to your size. With or without a border.

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Square Labels -Printed on waterproof white vinyl with vibrant eco-solvent inks. Cut to a square shape to your size. With or without a border.

 See Sizes and Prices 

Oval Labels-  Printed on waterproof white vinyl with vibrant eco-solvent inks. With or without a border.

Oval Sticker See Sizes and Prices

Rectangle Labels - Printed on waterproof white vinyl with vibrant eco-solvent inks. Cut to a rectangle shape to your size. With or without a border.

 See Sizes and Prices

Kiss Cut Labels - The above sticker styles have a backing that is cut to the exact shape of the design. A kiss cut sticker typically has a square backing around the design that's bigger than the sticker. This style is great for building a sticker sheet.  Contact us to learn more.

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Contour Cut Labels - Printed on waterproof white vinyl with vibrant eco-solvent inks.  Cut to follow the outline of your design. With or without a border.

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Is a label weatherproof?
Yes. Labels are waterproof and weatherproof to a point. Since they do not have a protective coating over the printing, you can expect the sun to be pretty tough on them. This why labels cost less.  That is why we do not recommend them for outdoor use.  Our labels are waterproof and are a great solution for many applications, like product labeling etc.

Do you have matte labels instead of glossy coated?
Yes. We can. If you are interested in this option, please contact us by email phone or chat with your request.

Can parts of the brushed alloy or mirror stickers be opaque colors?
Yes. They can be. We can do both reflective areas as well as flat colors. Please contact by email or phone or chat on our website to learn more.

Can I get samples of your label materials?
Yes. We offer a sample pack. There are many ways you can get a free sample. Start here by filling out the free sample pack request form.

Can I get a price without having to contact you?

Yes, we offer a price calculator for each style and size we make. You can find it by clicking on any of our "Do Good Work" Peace sign label samples. Or follow any link under the tabs label styles or label prices that say [Prices and Sizes]

Do you have free samples available?
Yes. We provide free samples you can ask for them here or fill out one of our pop-ups. We will send you by a package by mail containing each style sticker we make. All the artwork will be a sample of our "Do Good Work", Peace Sticker. There is something in there for everyone. Order a free sample sticker kit today and get a Do Good Work Sticker!

What is the ordering process with the Create a Label form?
After you fill out the create a Label form, your request comes to us via e-mail, and we get a real-time notification on the fly in our #Slack account. We either respond with a quick quote or we will respond via phone or email with questions before sending over a quote to ensure our accuracy. We look at all of your details to determine if the artwork is high enough resolution for what you want to accomplish. We double check all artwork and sizes to ensure we’re able to produce what you want.

What can I expect from my quote?
We use quoting software that will let us email you a detail of the pricing and project needs. The quote will include the delivery date, photos of the approved artwork you sent us. If you like it, you can sign it and accept it in your email. Once we receive it back, we will start your project.

How long will my order take to produce?
Please give us 7-10 working days. In most cases we ship way faster, but if you plan for ten days plus a few days for shipping your going to be safe in your planning.  So think for 2 weeks. If you need them faster, make sure to ask us. We will try to go that extra mile to make you happy.

How do I pay?
We will send you an invoice that will be due upon receipt. You can pay with Credit Card, Check, Venmo, or Pay-Pal.

Delivery is Free.  In most cases, we like to go the extra mile and offer free delivery.  If we can't do that orders are shipped via USPS or by FedX depending on your needs.

 Get Expert Advice about Labels.

We do more than make labels. We do large format printing and signage for a wide range of organizations. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, we would love to talk with you.